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USPTO Issues New Guidance on Software Patents.

The Patent Office issues new guidelines for reviewing software patent applications in light of Alice v. CLS Bank.

The Supreme Court on Software Patents.

Alice v. CLS Bank may make it easier to invalidate software patents. Patents on 'abstract ideas' are invalid--but when is software just an abstract idea?

The Supreme Court on Abusive Patent Litigation

Octane v. Icon makes it easier for judges to punish plaintiffs that file outrageous patent lawsuits. Will this deter patent trolls?

Supreme Court: Patents Must Define Invention with Reasonable Certainty

Nautilus v. Biosig makes it easier to invalide patent claims for being too broad and non-specific.

Nautilus v. Biosig: Oral Arguments

The Supreme Court hears arguments about the level of clarity and precision required in patent claims.

3D Printing Patents at the ITC

In the Matter of Certain Digital Models: 3D Printing Patents at the ITC.

Alice v. CLS Bank Oral Arguments

Software patents at the Supreme Court.

Facebook Buys Oculus and its Patents

Oculus Rift has lots of cool patents and design patents.

Startup Shuts Down a Patent Troll takes a stand and slays a troll.

Patent Office on Patentable Subject Matter

The USPTO issues new examination guidelines for determining whether a patent claims patent-eligible subject matter.

Term Sheets for Startup Financing

Curated links on negotiating a term sheet for Seed and Series A rounds.

Startup Employees Link List

Curated links on employment issues at technology startups.

Sample Invention Assignment Agreement

Untangling the patent, copyright and noncompete rules governing employee side projects.