PNW Startup Lawyer

Seattle startup lawyers helping founders navigate corporate law, venture capital, commercial transactions, and intellectual property.

Startup Employee Equity Compensation

Employee equity, including stock options and related tax issues.

Exits, Acquisitions and IPOs

Curated links on exits and acquisitions for technology startups.

Raising Capital for Startups

Curated links on raising seed and early VC capital for technology startups.

Convertible Debt vs. Equity

Curated links discussing the relative advantages of equity vs. convertible debt financing for early stage companies.

Startup Boards and Advisors

Curated links on finding the best board members and advisors for a startup.

Founder Agreements

Curated links on cofounder agreements, initial equity splits, issuing shares and making an 83b tax election.

Design Patents for Bits and Atoms

Design patents protect the appearance of a design for 15 years. They are a cheap and surprisingly effective legal tool to protect both digital and industrial design.

Fair Use Illustrated in Appropriation Art

Examples of copyright law and fair use in action.

Pre-Incorporation Startup Law

Curated links to help founders get their ducks in a row without losing momentum.

Blog Like a Hacker: Lawyer Edition.

Jekyll and Github reflect our values as a firm - simplicity, efficiency, and open source collaboration.

Startup Law Wisdom from a Hacker News Secret Asset

A collection of essays from the veteran Silicon Valley attorney George Grellas.

How to Register a US Trademark: Legal Background

The basic trademark law you need to know to pick a name and register a trademark.

How to Register a US Trademark

An illustrated walkthrough of the USPTO trademark application process.

How to Read a Patent

A quick-and-dirty guide with with annotations and explanations.

Law Students Fend Off a Patent Troll

Brooklyn Law School's BLIP Clinic students win a great case.