PNW Startup Lawyer

Seattle startup lawyers helping founders navigate corporate law, venture capital, commercial/tech transactions, and intellectual property.

Startup Boards and Advisors

Curated links on finding the best board members and advisors for a startup.

Founder Agreements

Curated links on cofounder agreements, initial equity splits, issuing shares and making an 83b tax election.

Design Patents for Bits and Atoms

Design patents protect the appearance of a design for 15 years. They are a cheap and surprisingly effective legal tool to protect both digital and industrial design.

Fair Use Illustrated in Appropriation Art

Examples of copyright law and fair use in action.

Pre-Incorporation Startup Law

Curated links to help founders get their ducks in a row without losing momentum.

Blog Like a Hacker: Lawyer Edition.

Jekyll and Github reflect our values as a firm - simplicity, efficiency, and open source collaboration.

Startup Law Wisdom from a Hacker News Secret Asset

A collection of essays from the veteran Silicon Valley attorney George Grellas.

How to Register a US Trademark: Legal Background

The basic trademark law you need to know to pick a name and register a trademark.

How to Register a US Trademark

An illustrated walkthrough of the USPTO trademark application process.

How to Read a Patent

A quick-and-dirty guide with with annotations and explanations.

Law Students Fend Off a Patent Troll

Brooklyn Law School's BLIP Clinic students win a great case.

Who Owns Employee Innovations?

Untangling the patent, copyright and noncompete rules governing employee side projects.

Summer Patent Troll Recap 2014

The Supreme Court decides 5 big patent cases. What does it mean for tech startups?

A Game of Clones: Video Game Litigation Illustrated

Copyright and the idea-expression dichotomy as explained by Pac-Man and Donkey Kong.

USPTO Issues New Guidance on Software Patents.

The Patent Office issues new guidelines for reviewing software patent applications in light of Alice v. CLS Bank.