Greatest Hits

Law Students Fend Off a Patent Troll

Patent trolls are a constant nuisance to startups and small businesses. Here’s the story of attorney Eric Adler leading a team of Brooklyn Law School students to help a tech startup whip a patent troll, pro bono.

A Game of Clones: Video Game Litigation Illustrated

An illustrated guide to copyright law and fair use in the video game industry. This post takes a look at 13 cases from the 1980s to modern times, and tries to determine which components of games are protected by copyright, and which components are free to be copied by competitors.

How to Read a Patent

A walkthrough for a complicated document. I hope this will help engineers save time by focusing on the most important parts of the patent (i.e., start by reading the claims).

Fair Use Illustrated in Appropriation Art

Copyright law allows some copying! But how much? Here’s a list of side-by-side images showing what types of copying is infringement and what types are fair game. Includes images from famous litigants like Jeff Koons, Richard Prince and Mayor McCheese.

Fix a Missed 83(b) Deadline

“83(b)” is a tax election that saves startup founders a lot of money. It’s free money. Unfortunately, there’s an arbitrary 30 day deadline, and it’s easy to miss the filing. If you’ve missed it, here’s how you might fix it.